NW Hoyt & 3rd Avenue, 1948

Men are working to construct a temporary dike to hold back Willamette River flood waters at the intersection of NW Hoyt Street at 3rd Avenue in 1948. The Steel Bridge and the fire station at far right still exist today; no other building or structure remains.

A1999-004.1043 Flood control  temp dike NW Hoyt east from 4th 1948(City of Portland Archives)

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11 Responses to “NW Hoyt & 3rd Avenue, 1948”

  1. kellyblvd@comcast.net Says:

    Is this the year of the Vanport flood?

  2. Mike Says:

    I think on the far right that is the back of the old fire station at 510 NW 3rd which is still there.

  3. Mike Says:

    Whoops should have read the whole post before commenting.

  4. Sifton Says:

    Would love to see inside that fire station today, 1 of my fav. old buildings in P-town!

  5. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    Wasn’t that fire station built in 1913?

  6. Greg Says:

    Yes, the date on the picture is the day of the Vanport Flood. According to what I have read the water level went down a little because Vanport flooded. Portland used to flood on a regular basis until the Army Engineers completed the series of dams on the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.I know a lot of people don’t like the dams, but if they hadn’t been built the flood of 1996 would have been even worse than the 1948 flood.

  7. Laura Parisi Says:

    That fire house still exists, but barely. It looks like it might crumble to the ground at any moment.

  8. Ron Hylton Says:

    Let’s have a Schlitz beer! Also, the building ibn the backgound is the old office of Western Transportation. For years and years the sternwheeler Jean was docked there.

  9. Ian Says:

    Look at all of the spectators on the Steel Bridge ramp

  10. Mike Says:

    PDC owns the old fire station.

  11. Mark Duff Says:

    I live in this neighborhood and i love this old building…i would like to see it preserved…artists and filmmakers come to Oldtown/Chinatown to film our cultural sites, not the suburbs…

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