R.M. Gray, 1909

R.M. Gray was a men’s furnishings store at 273-275 Morrison Street in 1909. On the northeast corner of SW 4th and Morrison, the building is long gone, replaced by a full-block parking garage. Entering the street level shop where these doors once stood would lead you to some Buffalo Wild Wings today.

rm gray store 17933 1909(University of Oregon Libraries)

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10 Responses to “R.M. Gray, 1909”

  1. Christopher Tyle Says:

    Would a New York Dentist be better than the usual Portland dentist? ;-)

  2. David Says:

    Was this building there until the “Fish Garage” was built? My wife remembers Dave’s Dellicatessan on that block.

  3. Kate Pitrone Says:

    Long gone? When was this torn down?

  4. kellyblvd@comcast.net Says:

    You have some wonderful pictures…thanks for sharing.

  5. scott Says:

    I have some ties and an old sport jacket from Rolla M. Gray.
    Is it the same company?

  6. Sean Croghan Says:

    It seems I recall this storefront, when was it torn down?

  7. kevin c Says:

    On the sign by the dentist it reads “____ TEE?? $5″ What do you suppose that was?

    Pulled? Filled? Cleaned?
    TEETH $5

  8. Ian Says:

    According to portlandmaps.com the garage on that site was built in 1979

  9. Dan Davis Says:

    The Capitol Theater, with a Spanish motif, opened in that spot in 1928 so this building must have been razed before that time. You can see a glimpse of the theater with Spanish tiles on the right here. http://vintageportland.wordpress.com/2011/11/09/sw-4th-morrison-1938/

    The theater lasted (in its later years as the Blue Mouse) until 1977 when it was demolished for the parking garage.

  10. Aldo C. Says:

    Rolla Gray was considered the best tailor in Portland back in the day.

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