Portland Heights Real Estate Ad, 1909

Another excellent D.E. Keasey real estate illustration from 1909. This is a beautiful, very accurate representation looking northeast over Portland Heights. The fine detail even shows the Council Crest streetcar on Vista Avenue at upper right.

de keasey real estate 2 19090606(The Oregonian, from University of Oregon Libraries)

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14 Responses to “Portland Heights Real Estate Ad, 1909”

  1. Elliott Says:

    Rocky Butte was Stony Butte?

  2. Ken Hawkins Says:

    Drawn by Frederick A. Routledge.

  3. Sifton Says:

    @ Elliot; yeah that’s a new 1 for me too!

  4. Tad Says:

    “Both phones”!

  5. Reza Says:

    Interesting to contrast the use of smoke in this drawing with the one here: http://vintageportland.wordpress.com/2013/07/24/rl-cate-real-estate-ad-1906/

    In the earlier post, it was meant to denote economic strength and vitality, whereas here it’s used as the symbol of a dirty, polluted city that is to be avoided by buying a house in the hills.

  6. Jim K Says:

    I couldn’t find anything either regarding “Stony Butte”…I’d never heard that one before. In looking, I found out that Rocky Butte used to be called Wiberg Butte way back when, and I know the connection with James Woodhill, but I just couldn’t find anything about “Stony Butte” so I just let it go…but it’s gonna drive me crazy!

  7. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    Jim: I get the feeling it was one of those, “What was that place called again? It was um… something to do with… with… boulders or something? Oh, what was it?” moments.

  8. Elliott Says:

    This 1896 topo map clearly has it as Rocky Butte.

  9. Jim K Says:

    Yeah…that thought crossed my mind too…that’s why I let it go, but thanks for your note! I appreciate it.

  10. Sifton Says:

    Very interesting map Elliot as I’ve never seen this 1! Anybody know what the “BM”s mean, can’t figure it out??

  11. Tad Says:

    Baseline Marker perhaps(survey marker)?

    Note that the map is clearly marked as updated 1905.

    Also note “Coon” and “N*gger Tom” islands at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia. :|

  12. WL Says:

    the first one is probably innocuous…

    as an aside, you can go up the directory and get to the whole catalog of oregon topo maps; i downloaded all of portland’s from 1897 to 1941. much thanks to elliott!

  13. Elliott Says:

    BM stands for benchmark, a point that has been surveyed and measured for elevation.

  14. Savage Says:

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