NE Russell & Union, 1937

That building on the east side of NE Union Avenue at the end of Russell Street today is a blank wall of sheet metal paneling; this 1937 photo shows the storefronts underneath the paneling. The old grocery/soda fountain on the right is also a nondescript commercial building today. The corner doesn’t have as much character as it once did.

A2005-001.534  NE Russell St looking east 1937(City of Portland Archives)

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9 Responses to “NE Russell & Union, 1937”

  1. EcoGrrl Says:

    So is that streetcorner where the church is now?

  2. Tom Jones Says:

    That truck straddling the streetcar tracks appears to be a city-owned vehicle. It has a ‘city of Portland” license plate in lieu of an Oregon state plate.

  3. Chris Says:

    Oh boy, you’re not kidding:

  4. Mike G Says:

    It’s cool that VP is really website street views for the past! Those comparisons are great.

  5. Janet Irwin Says:

    The photo itself is captioned west on Russell, but it appears to be looking east to Union (now MLK) — when I turn 180 degrees I see the BBQ place on the right (across from the Church in mid block.

  6. Ron Hylton Says:

    yes–it is looking east. Right around the corner on the right on Union would have been the famed Egyptian Theatre. Saw my first movie there—“Moby Dick” with Gregory Peck in the mid to late 50s.
    Great photo!

  7. igor stravinsky Says:

    Pdxhistory has a nice view of the same corner taken from Union, showing the Egyptian:

  8. Sean Croghan Says:

    When I first moved to this neighborhood, nearly twenty years ago, the facade of the Egyptian was still there. I believe that all that remains now are the columns.

  9. mlkinmotion Says:

    Here you’re looking directly at what had been a Piggly Wiggly a few years before. By WW2 it was Eberle’s – a photo of the inside is here:

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