SE 82nd Avenue & Ash, 1965

You could find on-street parking and gas for a little more than a quarter a gallon along SE 82nd Avenue in 1965. Neither option is even remotely possible today. This view is south through the intersection with SE Ash Street.

A2005-001.1013 SE 82nd south to Ash and Stark 1965(City of Portland Archives)

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11 Responses to “SE 82nd Avenue & Ash, 1965”

  1. Kirk J. Poole ("Since '62!") Says:

    My first house is right behind Riviera Motors…Small World!

  2. Tom Jones Says:

    I recall endless used car lots on 82nd in 1965 and one really good Chinese restaurant on the east side of the street.

  3. Shane Patrick Says:

    Interesting what changes and what stays the same. I wonder what it will look like in another 50 years.

  4. Don Says:

    Even at the inflation-adjusted $2.14 per gallon, gas is a (comparative) deal in this picture!

  5. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    Looks like St. Peter’s And St. Paul’s got remodeled a little. I grew up a few blocks from there over on 80th.

  6. Greg Says:

    A gallon of gas, a quart of milk or a quart of beer were all about the same price in those days.

  7. Jay Yoshihara Says:

    Kirk, I attended Vestal school during the fifties and early sixties, I recall the Rivera car lot property was occupied by The Cactus Gardens. There was a greenhouse full of many varieties. The Chinese Village restaurant is still at the same location at 82nd and Stark.

  8. lorn Says:

    St. Pete’s (as it was back then) on the right, was my family’s church. I think I was still in the church’s ‘boys’ choir back. I remember Father Halley getting all worked up in a sermon about Riviera Motors being open on Sunday when everyone ought to be in church.

  9. Portland, Oregon, 1965 - Tradin' Wheels Says:

    […] Vintage Portland, after looking over this 1965 photo of <a target=_blank title="82nd …read more […]

  10. Portland, Oregon, 1965 | Says:

    […] Vintage Portland, after looking over this 1965 photo of 82nd Avenue and Ash Street, lamented the fact that on-street parking on 82nd and 28-cent gasoline no longer exist, but from the modern-day street view, we see that not all that much has really changed here: There’s still a used car lot over on the east side of the street, and it appears that the building for the gas station is still there, even if it’s boarded up. What do you see here? […]

  11. dogchild Says:

    The Plymouth in the foreground of the 1965 photo seems to have some type of CB radio on the dash, a small antenna on the roof and a ladder in the back. Is that a county/city license plate on the rear bumper? Real old-fashion pancakes sound really good about now, even for supper.
    Sometimes I question were the people in photos like these might be at today and I hope their lives are happy, safe and warm. – Happy holidays everyone.

    PS. This street shot has been as my desktop background since it was posted in July 13.

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