Ladd Block, c1960

We’ve seen the 1881 Ladd Block before; this gives a bit of a closer look at this once-fine building in its later years. This view is to the north up SW 1st Avenue from Columbia Street.

ladd block sw 1st and columbia 19191 c1960(University of Oregon Libraries)

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6 Responses to “Ladd Block, c1960”

  1. Lynette Says:

    Wish I could’ve seen it in all its glory.

  2. Joyce Boles Says:

    Eric Ladd stored the iron outdoors on property he had near SW 18th and Jefferson, up the hill, near the old St. Mary’s School chapel and the old mansion he also moved to the site. I wonder if it’s all still there?

  3. joan Says:

    Wonderful to see the detail of the building and the depth of the photo-Is that the White Stag at the end?

  4. Dave Smith Says:

    Clear to see the cobble stones in the road… have to wonder how many of those cobble stones…as well as rails are currently buried under pavement.

  5. Ian Says:

    Nothing remains except for what may be the Mikado building way down on the left

  6. joan Says:

    Between Jefferson & Madison on the other side of the street the Veritable Quandary is a beautiful connection to the past. The photo must be early morning since it looks so stark. I lived on Madison until 1965. There was a barber college on Madison, Koin TV was nearby, and I think Pendleton had an office a block away. Stuff was still happening in 1960. I’m probably at home behind the 3rd telephone pole.

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