Fourth Street, 1907

Fourth Street, now SW 4th Avenue, looked impressively wide in this 1907 image looking south through Stark Street. Pantages Theater was on the southwest corner and the extant 1898 Oregon Pacific Building can be seen another block down on the right. The tall building on the immediate left is the Chamber of Commerce building.

A2004-002.749 SW 4th from Stark 1907(City of Portland Archives)

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14 Responses to “Fourth Street, 1907”

  1. Mike Slama Says:

    Two things I notice. The street almost looks like it’s dirt, but I’m sure it is cobblestone. Also, the curbs and sidewalks seem very low. Usually they became low after repeated street pavings.

  2. oldwxwatcher Says:

    Back then people crossed the street seemingly whenever and wherever the whim hit them. It’s not quite that bad these days. Or is it?

  3. Brian Says:

    Re paving, on the 1894 paving map, 4th was apparently macadam. Of course this is 13 years later so it could have been improved, but it looks pretty consistent with a macadam paving here rather than stone block.

  4. Ric Says:

    Does anyone know what the tall spire-like structure on the left side of the street is? Barely visible far down the road, with an onion bulb-ish feature on top.

  5. Mike Says:

    There was a post a couple of weeks ago about a similiar onion bulb building that one was one of two Jewish synagoges that had burned down.I wonder if the buildingin this picture is the other one.

  6. sharon dunnahoo Says:

    I love the ‘feel’ of this photo. It would make a good movie poster.

  7. TomK Says:

    I believe the building with “bulby” decorations is the Washington Building:

  8. Brian Says:

    I think TomK is right. In that cafeunknown post one of the views of the building is taken from a panorama shown here in an earlier VP post. If you enlarge it you’ll see the building almost directly in the center of the panorama.

  9. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    This is how it looks today in Street View:
    Looks like a few buildings are still standing.

    Did you hear that Vintage Portland got reblogged on Bike Portland?

  10. Dave J. Says:

    What does the term”reblogging” mean?

  11. KLR Says:

    Reblogging is posting something from another blog on your blog. Bike Portland just linked to a VP entry from 2010 though, instead of posting the whole thing on their site, which would be a reblog proper.

    I wonder how many Macadam Roads – roads named such, that is, not roads made out of the stuff, which is pretty much obsolete in the developed world – are in the US. Google throws out 10 suggestions when I look on the Maps, not including ours.

  12. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    2010? I could have sworn it was just a week or so ago. Someone must have linked to the trolley map in a comment.

  13. Ric Says:

    Yep, the trolley map was posted on this site back on May 4th 2010.

  14. Ian Says:

    The two story structure south of the Chamber of Commerce Building would be replaced 3 years later by the Oregon Pioneer Building. The pair of 3 story brick buildings south of that are still standing, as is the 4 story structure directly south of the Oregon Pacific Building. Beautiful picture

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