Jacob H. Cook House, c1910

This fine home sits just a half block east of the Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church we visited a couple weeks ago. Located at 5631 SE Belmont Street, the Jacob H. Cook home is an excellent colonial revival example. Even the low block wall is still beautifully intact.

cook house 5631 SE Belmont 20761 c1910(University of Oregon Libraries)

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14 Responses to “Jacob H. Cook House, c1910”

  1. Lynette Says:

    I am glad to read this about the house I have admired from the windows of the 15.

  2. Ian Says:

    Do we know the year of construction? Glad to see this one is still with us

  3. chris Says:

    1903, according to portlandmaps.com

  4. Adam Says:

    Beautiful house. Let me be the first to link the current Google street view on this one!


  5. Edmund Says:

    Amazing that this place already looked as if it had been there “forever” when this photo was taken, and surely that was in the master plan of the house and garden. Either the trees showed an amazing explosion of growth in seven short years: the trees were there already(unlikely), or the trees were brought in as fairly mature specimens. We did have the technology then to move very large intact trees and shrubs, though this is seen more often on the east coast on large estates. My theory is that our incredible Willamette Valley climate turned some rather small trees into big ones.

  6. Dave Says:

    It was on the market for a couple of years recently. Has it finally sold?

  7. Fred Stewart Says:

    Reblogged this on Oregon Real Estate Round Table.

  8. Brian Caughey Says:

    Within sight of where I was born at Portland Adventist Hospital (as it came to be called later) and, looking down Belmont the other way, almost within sight of the building where we first met our youngest son in an adoption. (Next to the Horse Brass Inn, wouldn’t you know?)

  9. Ben Says:

    Just to split hairs. Its Horse Brass Pub.
    Obviously you are not spending enough time there.

  10. Greg Says:

    I think this is the house that used to get all decorated up for Christmas and other holidays if my memory serves me right.

  11. Carol L. Cima Says:

    About 6 years ago it was owned by a couple who had a Christmas museum there. I know in about 1975 it was inherited by a very young, partying 18 year old and it became the party house of Mt.Tabor. Not to long after that, she sold it. A family was in there for not very long before it was sold to the Christmas museum people. I have watched and admired this house over the 45 years I have lived in Portland. Last year it was listed for sale and I got to take a picture tour on one of the real estate websites. I would love to own this home but I am afraid I would need lots of help to maintain it. It was built in the era when household help was common by those in the financial position to own such a house. I have done some study of it and I am sure that it had an entrance from the street behind and was a much larger piece of property at one time. A lot on the back was probably sold, if you study Portland maps you will probably come to the same conclusion. It is a treasure for sure.
    And yes…. It is my house I would buy if I ever won the lottery….LOL! BTW, who was Mr. Cook?

  12. net Says:

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  13. Carol Koehler Cima Says:

    Last I checked it was still sitting there vacant. Wish I could do something about that!

  14. Lindsey Says:

    The couple who owned the Christmas museum in the house are a very close family friend. And the wife just told me that apparently Walt Disney used to own this house, though he spent very little time there.

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