Westside Seawall Construction, 1928

Construction of the westside seawall and sewer continues in this 1928 photo. All this activity is taking place between the Burnside (behind) and Morrison Bridges, with the Hawthorne Bridge even farther to the south. The building at right is the 1882 Starr block, on Pine Street, demolished in 1942.

A1999-004.92 Front Ave Sewer  view of waterfront sewer 1928(City of Portland Archives)

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4 Responses to “Westside Seawall Construction, 1928”

  1. Tom Jones Says:

    I count 6 “sidewalk superintendents” watching the work.

  2. tad Says:

    Interesting window arrangement on the Starr Block – I wonder, was there a building there in the center (explaining the “blank” area) or was it planned as a billboard? :)

  3. Jim Says:


    Apparently, the blank spot(s) were intended and there was not an adjacent building. Several of Portland’s early buildings had undadorned areas. Here is a better view from the website of the Architectural Heritage Center.

  4. Jim Says:

    Whoops. Borked the tag. Click on the word “here” in my previous comment to go to the link.

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