SE 45th & Stark, 1939

Another tidy neighborhood photo, this time looking north on SE 45th Ave at Stark Street in 1939. The foliage has changed, naturally, but much else remains the same. Even the storm drain grating looks the same.

(City of Portland Archives)

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4 Responses to “SE 45th & Stark, 1939”

  1. Elliott Says:

    Nice sidewalk work. The curves at the end of the planting strip are a nice touch

  2. Carol L. Cima Says:

    I am looking for information about a bowling alley with an address of 43rd and Hawthorne. I recently found a drivers license holder for a key chain that has a little bowling ball incorporated into the design. Please let me know where to post if doing so this way is incorrect.

  3. oldoregon Says:

    There was the Hawthorne Bowling Center, in the brick building at 4231 SE Hawthorne. It opened in 1940. It was owned by the Play-Mor Company. “6 Brand-New Alleys, We Welcome You” “100% Fluorescent Lighting Throughout!” “the Balls That Roll Rite” D.D. Miller Manager.

  4. Gail Says:

    This is actually in the North Tabor Neighborhood, not Laurelhurst.

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