SE 52nd & Powell, 1965

This image is labeled as looking south on SE 52nd Avenue towards Powell Blvd. Can anyone confirm that? The area between Powell and Foster in the photo looks like it’s awfully build up for the way it is today.

(City of Portland Archives)

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26 Responses to “SE 52nd & Powell, 1965”

  1. Ian Fraley Says:

    Looks right to me. A lot has changed but the house on the east side of the street is still there:

  2. Ian Fraley Says:

    Correction…house on the West side of the street

  3. Jay Says:

    Forgot all about the OK tire store, I can see the burger joint sign on 52nd & Foster. It’s a Subway store now.

  4. Kirk J. Poole ("Since '62!") Says:

    Yes. Looks correct. Look farther ahead to see the light at 52nd & Foster Rd. 2 blocks distant.

  5. knickatknite Says:

    Wow, I’m having a hard time visualizing the similarity between this picture and the Google street view image of today. Even the topogrpahy looks different. It almost looks like there is more of a downhill slope towards the south in the picture above. Also, all the trees on the eastbound side are completely gone now. Honestly, this looks more like somewhere on 82nd Ave, but who knows…

  6. Brian Caughey Says:

    Do I remember correctly that the first Shakey & Big Ed’s Pizza Parlor north of 57th & J Streets in Sacramento was on the corner of 52nd and Foster in the early 60s? A popular, lively, noisy eatery with an internal balcony. Early pizza parlor culture before Shakey’s took on a uniform franchise appearance everywhere else.

  7. glen Says:

    If you do a close up on that house, it is not the same one in Ian’s googlelink, also, the slope is not there as pointed out by Knick.

  8. classictvman1981x Says:

    Burger King is at 5038 SE Powell Blvd.; had been since 1985. The Speck’s/KFC at 5009 SE Powell Blvd. is now Taco Time.

  9. MizVerde Says:

    A random find, seemingly confirming the location –

  10. Carl Says:

    The ONLY thing I have found consistent in this photo that would confirm 52nd and Powell, is directly behind the OK Tire store, there is an older house with a front porch that has a “chopped” gable front porch roof, right at the front of the porch. The gabled roof actually has a spot where it angles down. THIS front porch attached to the house is still in the newer photos of google maps. It exists directly behind where the OK Tire store was. The location is the same. I can’t explain the slope in the street though. Optical illusion?

  11. Carl Says:

    Oh, and the front porch is directly behind a telephone pole, obscuring the view of that part of the roof I was talking about. But that telephone pole is also there today.

  12. Carl Says:

  13. Carl Says:

    sorry, that last link didn’t work

  14. David Johnson Says:

    My grandmother lived just south of 52nd and Holgate so we drove through this intersection often. My father worked at a Signal gas station on Holgate and 52nd as a young lad. Would love to see an old shot of that if It is available.

  15. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    If you turn the view around the Google car picked up a rider.

  16. Jim Says:

    Definitely 52nd and Powell, the Il Trovatore restaurant was on the SW corner of 52nd and Foster and you can see it in this picture. The burger joint was called The Hub in the 70′s, it was on the NW corner of 52nd & Foster, I can’t remember what it was called in the 60′s, but it is a Subway now as someone else noted. The original Shakey’s was on 51st and Foster as I recall.

  17. Jim Says:

    Sorry, the Il Trovatore was on the SW corner of 52nd and Bush, just beyond Foster. It’s now called The Trap.

  18. Ben Says:

    Brian: Yes, it was a great old original Shakey’s Pizza. I used to eat there with my family Friday nights in the early 70′s. The memory of that pizza is still my touchstone for what pizza should taste like!

  19. Jim Wood Says:

    Don’t forget (or learn) that Powell was affected by the Mt. Hood Freeway debacle. The right of way has been widened and many businessses were dislocated. The Speck classictvman refers to is red herring. At the time of the photo the Speck was a classic 50′s burger drive-in located where the Burger King is now.

  20. classictvman1981x Says:

    So, Jim, when did KFC change over to its late ’70s-style building? Must I say it was 1979 or 1980?

  21. Ian Fraley Says:

    Out of curiosity I went to and found that the house on the right was built in 1923, and appears to have undergone extensive renovation sometime since this photo was taken, including closing in the front porch to create more interior living space and losing the craftsman touches that it was constructed with. Not a change for the better, in my humble opinion

  22. Kirk J. Poole ("Since '62!") Says:

    I remember the player piano at Shakeys. They had several rolls for it. I remember getting my free birthday pizza several times there. The pizza was really, really good. Maybe Pietro’s is close to that type of pizza. Miss having Shakeys in the ‘hood.

  23. Brian Caughey Says:

    Thanks for reminding us of that player piano at Shakey’s, Kirk. I dimly recall there was lively music w/o the ubiquitous background stereo we were beginning to encounter in other eateries. And there was a jazz band some nights as well, no?

  24. David Johnson Says:

    I remember Chico’s pizza and their little delivery carts running all over PDX in the days before Domino’s.

  25. Tim Says:

    “The burger joint was called The Hub in the 70′s, it was on the NW corner of 52nd & Foster, I can’t remember what it was called in the 60′s”–I remember it in the early 60s as Vetter’s. An order of fries was 14 cents.

  26. Susan Says:

    I worked at The Hub at 52nd & Foster in 1980, while going to Franklin High School… and I still worked there when it became Mabuhay’s Corner. I later moved to Colorado. I see it’s a Subway now.I miss Portland!

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