SW 6th Ave & Washington, 1946

This is a nicely detailed photo from 1946 looking north on SW 6th Avenue from Washington Street. Lots of terrific signage in this shot, including the highway directional signs. The only thing left standing today is that tiny sliver of a building seen to the far left edge.

(City of Portland Archives)

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8 Responses to “SW 6th Ave & Washington, 1946”

  1. silvertonbobbie Says:

    Rich’s Cigar store is still around but of course in another location.

  2. Todd Says:

    Dr. Miller must be getting kickbacks from Van Dyn Chocolates…or the other way around. :)

  3. Jim Says:

    The building on the SE corner of 6th and stark abuts the current Bank of the West building and has some architectural similarities. Could it have been an extension of the bank?

  4. Carl Says:

    That must be Dr. Miller in the far right upstairs window, watching the photographer.

  5. Another Dan Says:

    Check out that beautiful Lincoln Continental at the left of the frame!

  6. Eric C Says:

    Yeah, Dr. Miller appears to be a creeper!

  7. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    Here’s the Google street view of NW 6th & Washington, I can’t find anything that corresponds to that beautiful picture. http://goo.gl/maps/UQqP

  8. Ian Fraley Says:

    The building on the far left is A.E. Doyles 1924 ‘Bank of California Building’, now known as the ‘Three Kings Building’. Here are a few photos and some info…


    ….sorry I don’t know how to post the link directly

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