SE 39th & Powell, 1955

We’ve seen this intersection before but that was in photos from the 1930s. This time we see the Creston Drive-In Cleaners on the northwest corner of SE 39th & Powell in 1955; we’re looking north here. The little building facing 39th is apparently still with us, as is the apartment building beyond.

(City of Portland Archives)

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7 Responses to “SE 39th & Powell, 1955”

  1. Betsy Weinstein Says:

    Yes, what was Creston Cleaners is maybe somewhat larger now and is a payday loan storefront. The small building to the north on 39th is now a hearing aid office.

  2. davefeucht Says:

    We lived in those apartments until about 3 years ago – in fact we lived in the town-house apartment in the corner that you can see in this photo. Looks exactly the same except the color. I have to say, I miss absolutely nothing about that corner in modern-day Portland. Nothing at all.

  3. HomerFlynn Says:

    The corner spot is now a loan agency, I think, it was, Duncan Donuts. I used to walk by this corner on the way to, Creston Park Pool.

  4. Glen Hansen Says:

    Years ago when I was a kid that Creston Cleaners building used to be Tom’s Barber Shop.

  5. Glen Hansen Says:

    The little building that is now a hearing aid center was a lawyer’s office when I was a kid. I walked past this corner day in and day out on my way back and forth to Creston elementary school 1967-1976.

  6. Joe Favata Says:

    Old stomping grounds. The cleaners had changed names/owners by the time I moved into the neighborhood in 1974. Then shortly after it was Tom’s Barbershop for a bit. Wow, old memories.

  7. Gillian Butler Says:

    Cool! I grew up a block away from this intersection, and walked past it every day enroute to Creston school or to the pool in the summer. The little building is now a hearing aid store. I still miss Pieri’s (the south side of Powell) and Meek’s Powell Pharmacy, both long gone.

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