Fox & Music Box Theaters, 1991

Nike Town was the new kid on the (next) block in 1991 while the Fox Theater and Music Box Theater had just a few years left before the wrecking ball came. An earlier view of the theaters, on SW Broadway and Yamhill, can be seen here. Thanks to VP fan Andy Davies for sending in this photo; great shadow lighting through the Fox sign.

(Andy Davies)

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10 Responses to “Fox & Music Box Theaters, 1991”

  1. silvertonbobbie Says:

    I recall the Fox and Music Box and the old Broadway before the wrecking ball. I had a friend in the theater community who was allowed to go through some of these buildings before they were torn down and he gleaned different fixtures, draperies etc to use for other theaters and props.

  2. davefeucht Says:

    Actually went to see one film here before they tore them down. Sad they’re gone.

  3. Tad Says:

    The back side of the Music Box sign says “Coming soon, ALL NEW Broadway Theatre”. This must be after the Broadway came down while they were building the new tower.

    I remember that Nike Town ad like it was yesterday.

  4. Little Package (@littlepackage) Says:

    I had access to the keys to the Fox in 1995/96, and so sometimes would go down there, let myself in, and creep around in the dark. It was cavernous and incredible, still full of lots of relics, memories, and ghosts. I was so sad to see it torn down!

  5. mayzie Says:

    i don’t remember the theaters, probably because i was distracted by that crazy niketown ad! it gave me the creeps!

  6. Ryan Thompson Says:

    The Fox Theater was torn down in the mid-1990s? I had no idea it was that recent. That’s pretty bad.

  7. Tim Salcedo Says:

    I worked at the Music Box Theatre in the early- to mid-80s. It was my summer job while in college. I worked up to Assistant Manager, which means I did everything…tickets, door, concessions. Also helped out at the Fox and the dumpy old theatre a block away…was it called the Broadway? We had a lot of fun. Even the Fox and the Music Box were falling apart by that time, but there was something special about these grand old theatres. The Fox still had some of it’s ornate glory and the Music Box, with it’s clean Art Deco style, had the BEST balcony! Ahhh…the good old days.

  8. Mike G Says:

    There used to be a video arcade in-between the two theaters that we would go to in the 80′s. Lots of fun!

  9. David Keesey Says:

    I remember the FOX theatre as well as the Orpheum Theatre were we saw debut of The Sound of Music. What wonderful memories of my childhood!

  10. podspods Says:

    Don’t think the Music Box had a balcony. It was a one story theatre and, in fact, the projection booth was on the first floor.

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