Motorcycle Club on 4th Street, c1912

Early day Harley-Davidson motorcyclists gather in front of the Motorcycle & Supply Co. storefront at 209 Fourth Street (between Salmon and Taylor) circa 1912. A 1913 article in The Oregonian reports on the first endurance run by the Rose City Motorcycle Club, from Portland to Corvallis and back by 37 riders; perhaps it was this very event. Douglas Wilmot sent in this fabulous photo. His grandfather Albert E. Davis is the gentleman fourth from the right with the child, who Douglas is trying to identify, on the handlebars. Mr. Davis ran the B.E. Davis Electric Co. on Front Street at Oak in the 1920s-30s. The Rowland Hotel can also be seen in the distance in this photo.

(Douglas Wilmot)

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9 Responses to “Motorcycle Club on 4th Street, c1912”

  1. Peter Pimentel Says:

    I would have thought that in 1912, we would be seeing a hell of a lot more mustaches than we’re seeing here.

  2. Carter Says:

    No helmets or leathers, but they are wearing ties! And scowls. They seem to be trying to look like bad dudes, just like some of today’s bikers.

  3. davefeucht Says:

    I love how they’re just heavy-duty bicycles with motors attached, essentially :)

  4. Bailey Says:

    Wow! Parking garage now. Sweet bikes.,+Portland,+OR&hl=en&ll=45.522075,-122.670743&spn=0.009201,0.020685&sll=45.417898,-122.664263&sspn=0.009579,0.020685&t=h&gl=us&hnear=209+SW+4th+Ave,+Portland,+Oregon+97204&z=16&layer=c&cbll=45.521865,-122.674766&panoid=C6uDjGPqeoq9q9pqwQjEbA&cbp=12,7.03,,0,-2.83

  5. Brian Says:

    @Bailey: I thnk the address “209 4th St.” is from 1912, not the current numbering. The actual location is between Salmon and Taylor looking north on 4th Street. Here’s the view today:

  6. Tad Says:

    I love the six-guys-on-one-bike in the center of the group.

  7. rod taylor Says:

    Check out the exposed rubber band drive on the far right bike. Get your trouser leg caught up in that for some real excitement. Whee.

  8. Dylan Says:

    Lots of different bikes there. A number of Harley-Davidsons, a Flying Merkel, Dayton …

  9. Valerie Says:

    Bailey, that’s just sad :(

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