NE Alberta St, 1962 – Help Us Out!

The City of Portland Archives has this image in its land use files but the location is not noted. Somewhere along NE Alberta Street in 1962 is about all that’s known. Can anybody lead us to the location of this corner market? Is it still standing?

Found: NE Alberta St. & 33rd Ave.

(City of Portland Archives)

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20 Responses to “NE Alberta St, 1962 – Help Us Out!”

  1. Fred W Says:

    This is the corner of NE 33rd and Alberta. The building is still there as of the last year or so, but not as a market.

  2. Aaron Says:

    Yep. Southwest corner of 33rd and Alberta.

  3. Bobbie Says:

    It’s 1500 Alberta. Currently the co-op building. Here is a link with a photo of the building it’s the second shot.

  4. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    It’s amazing how you guys know this stuff so well. Street View:

  5. Stephen O'neil Says:

    I also say 33rd and Alberta. This was Romoli’s (sp) market in the early 70’s. When I would shop there.

  6. Brad Says:

    Yes, it’s at 33rd and Alberta and it looked much better in 1962.

  7. bailey Says:

    Did they sell Coca Cola at the store? hahaha.

    There’s also a great corner grocery like this also at NW 23rd and Thurman. Homers!

  8. Jason Says:

    It’s 33rd Alberta, I lived across the street. It was dilapidated and boarded up in 1982 when I first moved into the area.

  9. Dave Johnson Says:

    Etched into the sidewalk on the Alberta side of the building is writing that says so and so’s general store.Can’t remember the name. Took a picture of it years ago.

  10. Alberta Main Street Says:

    Yes, it is SE corner at NE 33rd. There is a photo from 1997 of this building and many others along NE Alberta Street here:

  11. Dennis Says:

    I still those red and white stripes in the light polls had an emergency phone, before every one had a phone in their home.

  12. bromo Says:

    For many years it was the studio of Portland painter Jay Backstrand.
    I’m not certain that he is still located there.

  13. Lynda Bersani Says:

    Looks a lot like the current location of Helser’s on Alberta…

  14. Dave Johnson Says:

    South west corner.

  15. Phyllis Piazza Knight Says:

    33rd & Alberta – was a shoe store at one time many years ago – 1950’s

  16. Dennis Says:

    Yes NW 23rd and Thurman Homer’s 23rd Ave Market is still going, Homers Mother still worked there for an hour a day until she passed away in her 90s. it is a real blast from the past.

  17. Mike Donnelly Says:

    Yes, In the 1970’s my uncle (Charles (Charlie) Romoli owned the store and it was called Romoli’s Grocery

  18. Willard Says:

    We used to live between Wiliams and Vancouver on N Alberta during that time and this sure looks like a grocery stores that was on the SW corner of Williams and Alberta.

    We always referred to the stores as ‘Herb’s” but I don’t know if that was it’s official name.

    I think the building is long gone although the house we lived in (106 N. Alberta St) is still there.

  19. Wendy Graves Says:

    Lived on same block 33rd and Alberta from 1954 to 1960 it was called Johnson’s Grocery Store, bought a lot of 1cent bubble gum there?

  20. Says:

    I lived a block away at 5123 ne 32nd place and I worked at that store cleaning up and stocking for them when I was a kid. the name of the couple that owned the store was ernie,zwallen. I cant remember the wifes name.

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