SE Foster & 50th at Powell, 1948

Bart’s Drive-In dominated the triangle at SE Powell Blvd., Foster Rd. and 50th Avenue in this 1948 aerial photo. The “George, Don & Buford – Meet Us & Wear Clothes” at upper-left is an oddity. Post-war army surplus maybe?

(City of Portland Archives)

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9 Responses to “SE Foster & 50th at Powell, 1948”

  1. Dave Says:

    Is that a trolleybus in the middle of the intersection?

  2. Jim Says:

    George, Don & Buford definitely did business in war surplus supplies. Unfortunately, the partnership dissolved around the time this photo was taken, and a subsequent trademark dispute ensued.

  3. Bud Says:

    The ” G,D & B” building on S.E. Foster Rd. was a war surplus store that later became a ” Wigwam ” store as I recall . the ” Bart’s Drive In ” was later ” The Speck Drive In “, an outgrowth of the the ” original ” Speck” now ” Skyline Drive In “. Bart Woodruff then moved to W. Burnside with ” Bart’s Broiler ” @ 19th ( ” Bill’s Gold Coin “),
    then moving out to the Columbia with ” Bart’s Wharf”. The large building behind the drive in facing S. E. Powell Blvd. held the “Lucky Strike Bowling ” alleys. The intersection was a major junction for the various Portland Traction trolleys.

  4. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    What’s the big building behind Bart’s?

    The image is upside down but there’s a way to orient yourself. There are two building at the top center in the picture, on Google satellite view they are near the center and labled “R & G General Merchandise” and “I’ve Been Framed.”

  5. Dan Faulkner Says:

    Dave, if you’re talking about the building just east (left) of Bart’s, it’s still there, or at least part of it is. The portions closest to Bart’s are gone (where the bowling alley was), and the whole thing was trimmed back when Powell was widened, but the L-shaped core of the building remains, cleverly disguised as an anonymous strip mall.

  6. Roxanne Says:

    Didnt there used to be a Shakey’s Pizza on the SW corner at one time? Or was that on 52nd?

  7. Doug Klotz Says:

    Did anybody notice the streetcar track spur off of 50th, heading North? It veers off just north of Powell, and veers to the east into a lot with a small trailer-like building on it. The tracks in 50th are covered by asphalt, but the spur is still visible in the street, and across the sidewalk. There’s also a section of straight track just north of that building. An industrial siding? The tracks for another siding still exist under the asphalt at 50th and Division. The spur veers off the northbound track, and heads toward the Plaid Pantry.

  8. Mike Meade Says:

    I just sold one of the houses in the upper left of this photo. It is amazing to me that I can only count about ten buildings in this shot that are still there. Three of the four houses in the upper left remain. The building behind GD&B remains as a church. Part of the building behind barts remains.Several buildings north of Powell as well. Amazing.

  9. Jim Says:

    The Shakeys was about Foster and Rhone. There is a tile place there now. Before The Speck, there was Ming’s Drive-In..the brightest light in Portland.

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