SW 2nd & Alder, 1939

The finer parts of Portland had moved a few blocks south and west by 1939, leaving this section of SW 2nd looking south toward Alder the realm of the working man. Work clothes, billiards, Army surplus and hardware stores mixed with restaurants, hotels and drug stores. Anybody remember the old Dahl & Penne Card Room (awning on the left behind the hardware sign)? It came down in the mid-1980s.

(City of Portland Archives)

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8 Responses to “SW 2nd & Alder, 1939”

  1. Pete Says:

    Great shot Dan. Thanks for this one. Wouldn’t mind a hot cup o’ jo at the Popular Cafe right there! Eggs over easy … hash browns?

  2. McAngryPants Says:

    Every time you post pics like this I see the trolley tracks and just sigh.

  3. JayinPortland Says:

    Seconded, McAngryPants!

  4. PCD Says:

    I remember Dahl & Penne well. Not because I was ever inside, I was underage at the time it was around. I remember it because my great-grandfather was original owner Charles Dahl. I would be very interested if anyone has more photos!

    Pete Dahl

  5. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    Wow, is there anything left from that picture? http://g.co/maps/z8hr

  6. garry wockmetooah Says:

    i was a drag queen there in 1970s they always had a great show with vannesa i miss it CHERRY PIE

  7. garry wockmetooah Says:

    at least cherry pie made a lot of money in portland oregon to retire

  8. Larry Says:

    Pete, you may get a cup of coffee in the old Popular Cafe, but more likely you’d get a cold beer, your foot on the brass rail, or served to you in the smokey card room in the back. My dad owned it.

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