SW 2nd Avenue, 1958

This stretch of SW 2nd Avenue, where it crosses SW Taylor, was dominated by parking lots in 1958. World Trade Center Building 1 would rise on this lot on the immediate right. The Strowbridge Building can be seen in the right distance on SW Yamhill Street.

(City of Portland Archives)

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3 Responses to “SW 2nd Avenue, 1958”

  1. Tad Says:

    Boy, everyone was a Chevron dealer back then! Nowadays it’s hard to even find a gas station downtown.

    Several familiar names here(and 3 furniture stores!): Director, Gevurtz, Union Gospel Mission, and the ubiquitous Columbia Empire Meat Market truck.

  2. Jim K Says:

    The majority of downtown parking lots were APCOA parking lots (Airport Parking Company Of America) and their contract was with Chevron/Standard exclusively. Their main offices were located on SW Broadway, just steps away from Burnside.

  3. CharonPDX Says:

    Dang! I want to see the building on the other side of 2nd! (To the left off-picture.) I want to see an old picture of 915 SW 2nd Ave when it was newer, before it became the ramshackle moss-overgrown structure it is now, with half its windows bricked up.

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