Stadium Tavern, 1949

The Stadium Tavern at West Burnside and NW 19th Street suffered a fire in 1949, putting it, and most likely its neighbors, out of business. A McDonald’s sits on the corner today. The stone wall in the left distance belongs to the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.

(City of Portland Archives)

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7 Responses to “Stadium Tavern, 1949”

  1. Jim Says:

    Ironic “for rent” sign in the establishment to the right of the “Hairstyling and Facial Shop.”

    One less bar on this strip couldn’t have made too much of a dent on my experiences in the neighborhood during the mid-to-late 80s.

    Having worked at the old Mexicali Express kitty corner to the current McDonalds, I can’t say I have the same poor assessment for that particular McDonalds as I do for others. They shared the neighborhood bar clientele and took some heat off of us!

  2. Sean G Says:

    I live a block away, and I agree that we don’t need another bar out here. Although the McDonald’s isn’t much of an improvement. I love the trolley tracks running down the middle of the street, and is that a police officer lurking around the corner on 19th st?

  3. JayinPortland Says:

    Yeah, I noticed that cop slyly peeking out from around the building as well. Wonder what he was up to?

    Nice shot, beautiful building. Only thing missing is a barbershop quartet singing out front!

  4. Jensey Says:

    The Buildings look much better in this earlier post:

  5. Alyson Clair Says:

    That makes much more sense why the houses on Couch are butted up so closely. I’d love to see what is across the street, since it’s a parking lot, car wash, and Panda Express. ( I used to live behind the Panda Express for several years in the Belle Court).

  6. portlandpreservation Says:

    I think that’s a streetcar conductor – not a cop. looks like he’s wearing one of those changer things.

  7. JayinPortland Says:

    Ah, didn’t even cross my mind. Thanks!

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