McElroy’s Last Ball, 1980

One gets the feeling that a lot of city business was discussed over lunch at Cole McElroy’s Spanish Ball Room, across the street from Portland City Hall (just off camera to the left). This 1980 invitation (which used a 1940 image) was made up referring to McElroy’s as “City Hall Annex #1″ and giving people a chance to enjoy the establishment one last time. It was soon demolished to make way for the Michael Graves-designed Portland Building.

(City of Portland Archives)

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3 Responses to “McElroy’s Last Ball, 1980”

  1. Mike Slama Says:

    McElroys hosted many famous Jazz musicians over the years including a young Bing Crosby who sang there in 1930, early in his career. A nice sample of Cole McElroys Spanish Ballroom Orchestra can be heard here:

  2. Ken Hawkins Says:

    Vintage photos of McElroy’s are quite rare. Has anyone come across a better quality copy of the 1940 original here, or know where if any archive has it?

  3. Ken Hawkins Says:

    There is also a five-CD boxset recorded at McElroy’s by Wally Heider, of Duke Ellington’s birthday gigs there in 1953 and 1954.

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