NW 19th & Lovejoy, 1952

NW 19th Avenue was a two way street in 1952 when this picture was taken. It’s one way (toward us) now, so you can be excused if you don’t recognize the building on the far corner from this perspective. The 1915 Royal Arms condo building, an apartment building at the time, would be over your left shoulder as you pass it going south.

(City of Portland Archives)

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14 Responses to “NW 19th & Lovejoy, 1952”

  1. chuck Says:

    Northwest Portland has always been my favorite part of the city. It’s the most urban of Portland’s neighborhoods & was the first place I moved to when I left home in Irvington in my late teens.

  2. Tanya March Says:

    I can’t wait to go take the now shot this is quit fun. I do a lot or research on condo conversion and how it de-populated these structures.

  3. Brian Says:

    Bonnie’s Burgers? Quiet Zone! hahaha

  4. Mike Says:

    I believe the part of the Physicias & Surgeons Hospital can be seen on the right. Now Legacy Health corporate office

  5. Allen Says:

    Didn’t we have a BBQ biz across the street and Bonnie’s disgusting burgers a block East on Lovejoy?

    How about Louie Bluies?

  6. chuck Says:

    Bonnie’s Burgers. That’s dusting off some memories. Vague memories right now, tho.

  7. SamTheClam Says:

    How about Heavy Number Taco company in NW. Remember that one?

  8. Jim Says:

    Quality Pies on NW 23rd and Marshall. Open 24 hours. Your food served (at 3:00 am-shortly after the bars closed) by a surly, gravelly voiced waitress in an old fashioned diner uniform; cigarette clinging tenaciously to her lower lip.

    The clientele was 80s hipsters, drag queens, and insomniacs. Nearly everyone stopping by to sober up enough to get home safely.

    Great greasy spoon with the emergency entrance to Good Sam’s right across the street in case your burger got the better of you.

    I loved and miss that place.

  9. chuck Says:

    It sounds like the Sambo’s on NW 23rd & Burnside during the 70’s. There was – is? – a Denney’s on East Burnside c. 26th that served the same function. Went to both of them after hours back then.

  10. Greg Rollin Says:

    Bonnie’s was where the Texaco sign is in the pic (SE corner of the intersection of 19th and NW Lovejoy). I would have thought it would have been there in 1952. Does anybody know when the drive-in was built and replaced the gas station?

  11. Steve Olenick Says:

    I used to work at the Heavy Number Taco Company! Around 1974 or so

  12. jp Says:

    Best tacos on earth as I remember, bean sprouts, sour cream , and my first guacamole with pounds of re-fried beans and beef. all for under 2 bucks.

  13. Steve Olenick Says:

    ..and late at night some of us went in when it was closed and had percussion jams on the pots, pans, soda canisters, etc.

    Worship Sunny Jim apple butter and Uneeda biscuits.

    “ohhh pen other ennndd.”

    The 60’s are overrated – the mid 70’s was the best.

  14. Joe Dunlap Says:

    I find it amazing that some of the sidewalk concrete still retains a crack in after 59 years. Note the crack in the curve of the curb where it turns into a driveway in the bottom of the picture. Then go to google earth and have a look. Same curb, same crack! Amazing!

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