NE Sandy & 41st, 1934

It looked like a fine day for some open-air shopping at this market on NE Sandy Blvd. at 41st Avenue. In 1934 you could get a rake for 15 cents or buy items with brand names we know today; Coca-cola, Vigoro, and Sunkist, for instance. A Laurel & Hardy movie was playing a few doors down at the Hollywood Theater.

(City of Portland Archives)

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6 Responses to “NE Sandy & 41st, 1934”

  1. carywd Says:

    i like that there were reusable shopping bags for sale then

  2. Chris Slama Says:

    Here’s something to listen to while you soak in the details of this great photo…

    (Courtesy o’ the Internet Archive)

  3. mcbyrnes Says:

    The circular sign just to the right of “Laurel and Hardy” is the logo of the Union Pacific Railroad, see link:
    It looks like there was some kind of office, probably a storefront ticket office, which would be unusual since they were normally in downtowns. But the rail line through Hollywood by I-84 was, and still is, a UP line.

  4. Jim Says:

    The NRA sign inside the store is not a deterrent to shoplifters as I initially thought. A little Google research revealed the NRA with its eagle showed the employer was in compliance with the National Industrial Recovery Act.

    Wiki here:

  5. Eric Says:

    This must be what occupied what is now a vacant lot next to the Hollywood Theater. The lot is currently for sale. I know there was some hope among neighbors that a small park or community garden or other public amenity be put there, but unless a public entity or generous donor is willing to buy it for such a purpose it looks like that’s not going to be a possibility. The Hollywood District is the textbook example of the “20-minute neighborhood” and “town center” the city and Metro planners are pushing for, which is going to make that parcel command a high price.

  6. Fletch Says:

    “I Am Suzanne” wasn’t Laurel & Hardy, but Lillian Harvey playing a French dancer. A Xmastime release in ’33, it would have reached the second run houses in the “nabes” by now.

    The L&H pic? Probably “Sons of the Desert,” another holiday offering in ’33.

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