SW 18th & Morrison, 1939

This sunny day in 1939 finds us looking north from SW 18th & Morrison towards West Burnside. Today, 18th is one-way off to the right and 19th (seen here on the left) is one-way towards our vantage point. On the far side of Burnside, a McDonald’s and its parking lot replace that whole row of buildings. Note the Willamette Heights streetcar on 19th and another streetcar headed up Burnside.

The island in the center is the Campbell Memorial, named for Fire Chief David Campbell, who lost his life fighting the Union Oil Fire on June 26, 1911. This memorial is in sad shape and is in danger of being demolished, with a new memorial being constructed elsewhere. Read more about the memorial here.

Thanks to alert Vintage Portland reader Tanya for suggesting this.

(City of Portland Archives)

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6 Responses to “SW 18th & Morrison, 1939”

  1. Alyson Clair Says:

    Oh no! Is there any way to help preserve the memorial? It is really a lovely piece. I did a fashion shoot there several years back.

  2. Pete Says:

    These pictures are priceless. I spend much time with each of them. So much incredible detail. I find that all these same street views in present day are disappointing and painfully lacking character. It’s like the soul of our city packed up and moved on when these old buildings were torn down. Making the comparisons is really painful.

  3. Devlyn Says:

    I walk through this intersection at least twice a day. Thanks for posting these.

  4. Lynette Says:

    From mid-October 2006 through late January 2011, I rode the 15 to work and then home, so I came to know this intersection very well. I also grew to hate that McDonald’s. Look on the left edge at all now gone and replaced with that car wash. Was the car wash the direct reason for their demolition? Besides riding the bus through here, I often walked, sometimes caught the MAX nearby, too. I love seeing these photos. Thanks again.

  5. Hart Noecker Says:

    Sadly, the tree in the middle at the fireman’s memorial was just cut down last month. But a new tree was planted in it’s place.

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