SW 4th & Yamhill

Busy Christmas shoppers? Bustling lunchtime crowd? This 1939 scene looks north along SW 4th Avenue from Yamhill Street. Signs for the Multnomah Hotel (now Embassy Suites Hotel) and the Board of Trade Building in the distance give some perspective.

(City of Portland Archives)

5 Responses to “SW 4th & Yamhill”

  1. Allan Says:

    The elaborate “Capitol” sign suspended directly over the street suggests that the city fathers had an “anything goes” attitude about advertising. I wonder if the Capitol had to pay for the privilege.

  2. pwlsax Says:

    The Capitol is playing a Joel McCrea picture, Espionage Agent, released nationally Sept. 30, 1939. So it probably isn’t Christmas shopping season just yet.

  3. Rory Says:

    There is a filthy dirty 1940 Hudson sedan in the photo. Three cars are wearing grill covers suggesting very cold temperature.

  4. Matt Says:

    The Oregonian shows “Espionage Agent” playing at the Capitol on March 1 and 2, 1940, at least.

  5. Kenn Says:

    Tracks in the street are Oregon Electric passenger line Portland-Eugene, freight track was on Front Ave (Naito Parkway)

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